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This 23-minute documentary explores the lives of homeless heroin and crack addicts, sex workers, and drug dealers who inhabit a semi-concealed public space on Chicago's west side. The film offers a sneak peek into the feature-length documentary now in production.
Spin (1995)
Artist Brian Springer spent a year scouring the airwaves with a satellite dish grabbing back channel news feeds not intended for public consumption. The result of his research is SPIN, one of the most insightful films ever made about the mechanics of how television is used as a tool of social control to distort and limit the American public's perception of reality.

Take the time to watch it from beginning to end and you'll never look at TV reporting the same again. Tell your friends about it. This extraordinary film released in the early 1990s is almost completely unknown. Hopefully, the Internet will change that.
This is a great documentary about the rise and fall of the worst man in the 20th century. It traces Adolf Hitler from his childhood in Vienna to his suicide in Germany. Most notably it goes into great detail into how he legally obtained dictatorship and the support of the German people.

1988 docudrama about "the ideas of Douglas Hofstadter". It was created by Dutch director Piet Hoenderdos. Features interviews with Doug ... all » Hofstadter and Dan Dennett. Dennett also stars as himself.

Original acquired from the Center for Research in Concepts and Cognition at Indiana University. Uploaded with permission from Douglas Hofstadter.
A film about the career of the notorious punk rock band, the Sex Pistols.
Michael Tsarion - Symbolism

Michael gives an excellant talk with pictures, about the Illuminati, the NWO, the occult, and their symbolisim.
John Patrick O'Neill (February 6, 1952 – September 11, 2001) was a top American anti-terrorism expert who worked as a special agent and eventually Assistant Director in the Federal Bureau of Investigation until late 2001. In 1995, O'Neill began to intensely study the roots of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing after he assisted in the capture of Ramzi Yousef, who was the leader of that plot. He subsequently learned of al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, and investigated the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia and the 2000 USS Cole bombing in Yemen. Partly due to personal friction he had within the FBI and federal government, O'Neill left to become the head of security at the World Trade Center, where he died at age 49 in the September 11, 2001 attacks.
National Geographic, new series.

The Sydney-Hobart (Australia) boat race becomes a race for survival.
Musician and activist Michael Franti's documentary on his mission of peace in the Middle East.
The Iceman (2001)
Hitman for the mafia. He's killed over 125 people, one at a time. Sometimes just for practice.
Director:Donald W. Thompson

Writers:Russell S. Doughten Jr. (story)
Grant James (writer)
Tagline:...and there will be no place to hide.
African Diaries
This is a documentary about traveling throughout Africa,their safaris and gaming lodges.
Zoo (2007)
A look at the life of a Seattle man who died as a result of an unusual encounter with a horse.


Sundance Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize - Nominee
Everest (1998)
An international team of climbers ascends Mt. Everest in the spring of 1996. The film depicts their lengthy preparations for the climb...
Evidence of the use of extra terrestrial technology. One of the lasr great mysteries of the 20th century is the occult past of the 3rd reich, and membership of secret societies by some of its leading exponents. The question as to whether these people were aware of the existence of lost extraterrestrial technologies, once applied by past advanced cultures, is raised by completely new research, supported by historical documents and original film footage of the period. Were the disk-shaped flying objects (UFOs), driven by anti-gravitation forces, actually constructed?. Test pilots, engineers and investigators explain the Nazi programme for space travel and contact with aliens. Look at the evidence and decide for urself. keywords; ufo conspiracy illuminati mars coverup secret space programm antigravity free energy nazi technology atlantis
Since 1873, the Global Elite has held secret meetings in the Ancient Redwood Forest of northern California. Members of the so-called "Bohemian Club" Include former Presidents Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. The Bush Family maintains a strong involvement.

Now, for the first time in history, an outsider has infiltrated Bohemian Grove with a hidden digital video camera and caught the ritual on tape. That man is Alex Jones, the exclusive digital video is just part of his shocking Documentary: DARK SECRETS: INSIDE BOHEMIAN GROVE
A comedic documentary which follows The Yes Men, a small group of prankster activists, as they gain world-wide notoriety for impersonating the World Trade Organization on television and at business conferences around the world.
When researchers began looking into just how much the Soviet government knew about UFOs and extraterrestrial visitation, they were not surprised to learn that the Russians took the subject very seriously. What they didn't expect was evidence of ancient alien visitation, paranormal properties associated with related artifacts, and most shocking of all, of a mass abduction in 1985! Among the piles of materials obtained from former Soviet spies, some extremely puzzling and disturbing documents and film footage surfaced confirming rumors which had been circulating for decades. In the late 1950s and 60s, the Russians became very interested in a number of unusual and newly discovered archaeological sites in Egypt. By interpreting ancient symbols, one of those sites was believed to contain the remains of a life form not from earth. Startling top secret film footage, never before seen outside the Kremlin confirms the Soviet mission to recover and analyze these remains. But the most astonishing part of this story is that a small following of believers was formed in the years after the initial discovery - scientists and others who were convinced of a return of the extraterrestrial entity depicted in the ancient writings. Investigators discovered a videotape held for over twenty years by Egyptian police. Here, for the first time ever, the public will see the arresting five-minute clip showing an entire group of followers returning to the ancient site and then completely vanishing from the desert!
The most comprehensive documentary on UFOs ever produced! Reveals how we should view the growing evidence of UFO sightings, face-to-face encounters, and alleged abductions!

* UFO sightings by Christopher Columbus and Alexander the Great
* Military pilot's encounter with UFOs
* Kenneth Arnold's historic sighting of UFOs over the Cascade mountains
* Recently released FBI documents on UFOs
* Evidence that UFOs exist as seen in film footage taken by American Astronauts
* Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan tell of their UFO sightings
* The truth about Project Blue Book...and much more
History Channel

A historical golden city or a mythical tale?
The Tale of Atlantis, a lost city of ancient times is a story that has captured the imagination of more... more... more... every person throughout time, since more...it was first written about in ancient greece. The incredible riches, the superior intelligence and natural beauty of the island weighed against its eventual destruction has struck a chord with the imagination of people all over the world.

The primary evidence fo Atlantis is written in Plato's books Critias and Timaeus, written around 355BC. In his works, he describes a wonderful land, full of riches and knowledge. However, Plato's work has a number of critics. Aristotle, for one, believed that Plato had made Atlantis up, and that it therefore had never existed. This view has also been echoed all around the world from people claiming it to be a tale of the Minoan civilisation of Crete.
Take an unflinching look into an issue the mainstream media doesn't dare touch: the failure of the multi billion-dollar war on AIDS. The Other Side of AIDS gives voice to a growing movement of doctors, scientists, journalists, and HIV positives who reveal a tangled web of conflicts of interest, political correctness and unresolved errors surrounding AIDS
This is a Journey through the life of a 15 year old girl named Yukina who drops out of school and leaves home and family to move to Kyoto to realize her dream of becoming a "Geisha".
The movie from two time Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple and Cecelia Peck that chronicles the lives of the Dixie Chicks from 2003 to the start of their 2006 tour.

All the highs, lows and mayhem that occurred just before and for the three years following “the incident” are all here.

The personal attacks, personal growth, a changing world, making music, having babies, receiving death threats, and even a fair amount of laughter.
Do you drink coke? You might want to take a look to see why coke has been accused of environmental degregation, health abuse and even murder.
A racetrack in Spain. Some really cool supercars like Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo or the Bugatti Veyron. And Jeremy Clarkson the man who combine these things to an unbelieveablle Showdown! We also known Jeremy from the british Top Gear tv show and now he’s compare these very exotic and fast cars at the Ascari Race Track. Must see…
The Take (2004)
In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act - the take - has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head. Armed only with slingshots and an abiding faith in shop-floor democracy, the workers face off against the bosses, bankers and a whole system that sees their beloved factories as nothing more than scrap metal for sale. With The Take, director Avi Lewis, one of Canada's most outspoken journalists, and writer Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller No Logo, champion a radical economic manifesto for the 21st century
"The Story of God" is a definitive three-part series on the history of mankind's quest to understand the nature of God.’

The final episode, ‘God of the Gaps’, considers how the idea of God has been challenged by modern ideas, especially by scientific theories and discoveries.
Slavery is officially banned internationally by all countries, yet despite this there are more slaves in the world today than ever before. In the four hundred years of the legal slave trade around 13 million people were shipped from Africa. Today there are an estimated 27 million slaves - people paid no money, locked away and controlled by violence. Multi-Award winning documentary makers Kate Blewett and Brian Woods saw this terrible exploitation with their own eyes.

Although this film is both surprising and depressing, the filmmakers fortunately look at how slavery can be fought, both at home and abroad. It takes a comprehensive look at this problem.
This BBC documentary explores the idea that Pope Benedict XVI, also known as Cardinal Ratzinger, may have played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests.
"This is an excellent well documented film that discusses the leader of North Korea Kim Jyong Yeil, it's suffering people and how they are brainwashed from a very early age at school. Glimpse into the blanket of fear in which innocent civilians of North Korea reside under."
Undercover in the Secret State follows Korean-American journalist Jung Eun Kim as she tracks down a new breed of dissident in North Korea. These dissidents are using small digital cameras and cell phones to show the world the brutal life inside North Korea."
This shocking documentary is not a story of an age of slavery from centuries past or of a survivor of Nazi Germany's Holocaust. It is what is happening at this moment inside the gulags of North Korea. The stories of gulag survivors are often too horrible to believe for the citizens of civilized countries. If one were to have the opportunity to speak with a survivor of a North Korean gulag, what they would reveal might be well beyond the threshold of the listener's imagination.
It seems that there is a conflict of interest with an institution that was made to protect us. Money corrupts and health issues become secondary when theres big profit to be made.
This film talks with important scientists that work for the FDA and supports its claims with research and articles. There are interviews with victims of what should be considered criminal negligence by our governmental organizations.

This is an increasingly important topic for Americans. Everyone in the U.S. that cares about their health should watch this film. Expectant mothers or mothers of young children should take heed to the information on the danger of excessive vaccinations mentioned in this film.
For many years now the American foreign policy has been characterized by the strong tie between the United States and Israel. Does the United States in fact keep Israel on its feet? And how long will it continue to do so? A Dutch public broadcast shows insight on the subject.
This is the true story of Egyptian spy Ali Mohamed. He infiltrated U.S. intelligence agencies, including the CIA and FBI, and joined the U.S. Army. At the same time, he took orders from the Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and later joined forces with Al Qaeda. He trained Osama Bin Laden's Jihadist warriors and helped plan terrorist attacks including the 1998 African embassy bombings.
Aphrodisiacs magic or medicine is a documentary exploring the history, fact and myth of the ancient use of Aphrodisiacs. The quest for the ultimate aphrodisiac is as old as the human race itself. Some search for natures answers and others pop the perfect pill.

**Please note that the year is just a best guess, I can\'t seem to find when it was aired, but I know it\'s a BBC program.) Feel free to correct it if you know the correct date. Thanks! --Swinging Hatchetz--**
Born Rich (2003)
Video made by Johnson & Johnson heir about 3 years ago. Caused a bit of a stir and then the doco 'dissapeared'. Has anyone else seen it around? Some great stuff opn the up's and downs of poor little rich kids. VERY enlightening and shows just how disconnected from the daily grind these perfumed princess's and princes are. Still, hats off to the film maker. Why he did this doco is anyones guess? Another "Socialist Millionair" on a guilt trip??????

--Review done by a user on Google.com..but I must say, I agree with them, whiny rich kids, but interesting doc...very sad.--
Nearly twenty years after the Chernobyl disaster, the region is starting to get back to normal. It even has it’s own burgeoning tourist industry.
Documentary on the migratory patterns of birds, shot over the course of three years on all seven continents.
This is the story of your greatest dream and worst nightmare. It's a story about visions and dreams, about sailing and wreckage. Natural Born Star is the story of Fred Robsahm.
This DVD commemorates the career of cult Hungarian doom band Mood (read it backwards...get it?). Recorded in December 2001 at the band's last show, also featuring archive footage, video clips and an interview. Region 0, US-playable.
"Thanks to the ground breaking work of Austrian forensic anthropologists - Dr Fabian Kanz and Professor Karl Grossschmidt - at a mass Gladiator grave in Ephesus, Turkey, Timewatch has been able to establish a detailed picture of how the Gladiator, identified as Gladiator trainer Euxenius, may have lived, fought and died. "
Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin oversees the creation of an all-new, all-girl trio named Girlicious.
An archaeology TV series similar to the Discovery or History Channel.

Very hard to find information on this.

This could very so be it
Combining live-action footage shot in Mongolia with CGI software used in Lord of the Rings, the recreation of battle scenes is taken to a new level in presenting the story of how Genghis conquered an empire greater than the Roman Empire at its peak.
It was the stuff of dreams or, perhaps, acid trips: Katie Melua singing Nine Million Bicycles on a stage 303 metres below the sea. Convinced to perform on the North Sea floor by a gas drilling company celebrating its 10th birthday, the singer set a Guinness World record for the deepest underwater concert ever performed. Now a documentary of the strange event, which took place last October, has been released on DVD.
Cop Watch Documentary about the organization and what it does and how it can be effective
The Pentagons DARPA Grand Challenge where 43 self driving computer cars compete in a Race against each other to find the best , where they face obstacles, dangers, and where the ultimate robot car is put to the ultimate test
"Skateboard Kings" is a news documentary that was made by a British program called "The World About Us". This episode is about the Skateboard Kings of Southern California, and in particular riders such as the World Champion Tony Alva are featured in their daily lives and exploits in and around DOGTOWN. Ray Flores, Billy Yeron, Paul Constantineau, Jerry Valdez, Shogo Kubo, Kent Senatore, Ellen O'neil, Bob Mohr, Elen Berryman, Kim Cespedes and others. Russ Howell and Stacy Peralta are featured in a bizzare freestyle and safety demonstration. La Costa segment with Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg and John Hutson. There's visits to SkateBoarder Magazine, a few empty pools, a new skatepark, typical DogTown house party, demo's, a visit to the infamous Arizona Pipes, and a skate board manufacturer. This is a "cult classic" special that is hard to find, that's why we've posted here for you all to enjoy and share, for the oldschool hard core skate fanatic.

Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta
For over a thousand years, the Maya built a civilization in the jungle -- creating pyramids, sculptures and paintings. Then around 800 A.D., they practically vanished. Scientific sleuth Dick Gill has spent nearly twenty years proving his theory that a devastating drought wiped out the Maya. The program follows Gill on a journey of discovery: to an archaeological site in Belize, where there is evidence of a sudden abandonment; with geologists as they take cores from a remote lake in Mexico s Yucatan that shows evidence of an exceptional drought at the time of the Maya collapse; and visiting the slopes of the rumbling volcano of Popocatepetl, to search for evidence of an eruption that may have triggered a drought.
Loose Change (2005, 2006, 2007) is a series of documentary films written and directed by Dylan Avery, produced by Korey Rowe and Jason Bermas and distributed by MercuryMedia International. The films assert that the September 11, 2001 attacks were planned and conducted by elements within the United States government, and base the claims on perceived anomalies in the historical record of the attacks. The first film, Loose Change, was originally released through the creators' own company, Louder Than Words, and received widespread attention after Loose Change 2nd Edition was featured on a Binghamton, New York local FOX affiliate, WICZ-TV (FOX 40).[1]

The original film was edited and re-released as Loose Change: 2nd Edition, and then subsequently re-edited again for the 2nd Edition Recut, each time to tighten the focus on certain key areas and to remove what the filmmakers have learned to be inaccuracies and copyrighted material. Loose Change: Final Cut, deemed "the third and final release of this documentary series"[6] was released on DVD and Web-streaming format on November 11, 2007.[7] This installment is a completely new film; using almost none of the same content appearing in the previous Loose Change versions.
This award-winning film investigates the allegations of links between devil worship and heavy rock music. Should heavy metal music in particular carry a government health warning?
Heaven has influenced politics, decided the course of nations, become the obsession of learned scholars, and inspired countless works of art. Most of all, the promise of heaven has determined how people have lived their lives...and how they've died. Through interviews with religious scholars and leaders, we explore the concept of heaven and its rich history. We trace the evolution of the idea of an afterlife--from ancient Egypt, through Renaissance writers and artists whose work it inspired, to the uniquely American vision that traveled across the sea on the Mayflower--and explore other religious views of heaven. Our experts also tackle the difficult subject: Can only those who accept Jesus Christ be admitted to heaven? What of the virtuous of other religions? Will they be excluded because they aren't Christian? Our experts discuss this delicate question, reflecting on the idea that perhaps a heaven as we know it waits for each of us on the other side of death.
Karen Carpenter's battle with anorexia nervosa and the cultural influence of the Carpenters in the 70s.

When I first heard of a Karen Carpenter movie acted out by Barbie dolls, I thought, "Yeah, right." Actually, it's not half-bad, revealing the ugly side of brother Richard and their parents. It's a shame the movie has been only available through the underground, though, as it portrays the heart-breaking effects of anorexia through clinical narration, montage, and pop culture to great effect. The use of dolls is actually ingenious, as we come to see how Karen was manipulated by her family, her record company, and society to conform to unattainable perfection. Although banned by numerous lawsuits, this film is available through alternative resources. If you look hard enough, you can find it.
When the great universal teacher Shakyamuni Buddha first spoke about the Dharma in the noble land of India, he taught the four noble truths: the truths of suffering, the cause of suffering, the cessation of suffering and the path to the cessation of suffering.

In this four part documentary the Dalai Lama gives a long and in-depth lecture, explaining and expanding on the 4 Noble Truths, which are the foundation of Buddhism.
9/11 (2002)
A real life documentary following the events of September 11 from an insider's view, through the lens of two French filmmakers (Naudet brothers) who were in Manhattan the day the world changed.Inside the wtc when the tower fell.
A fantastic three-part PBS series about ancient Egypt.

1. The Warrior Pharaohs:

In 1560 BC, Egypt was divided into two. Its very existence was threatened from both north and south. But one family was determined to restore Egypt to its former glory.

2. Pharaohs of the Sun:

When Amenhotep III became pharaoh in 1390 BC, Egypt controlled a vast empire and was rich, respected and free. But it faced the challenge of powerful new rivals and Amenhotep the thirds decision to re-vamp the Egyptian religion and change the focus onto one deity- the sun.

3. The Last Great Pharaoh:

The reign of Ramesses II - known also as Ramesses the Great - marked the high point of the New Kingdom and the high point of Egyptian culture. But like any highpoint, it was all downhill as the New Kingdom gradually fell into ruin.

Documentary Series w/ Multiple Episodes

Arguably one of the most important documentary series ever made, The Nazis: A Warning from History sets out to show that, far from being a uniquely German aberration, Nazism fed upon and was fostered by the prejudices and lemming-like inclinations of ordinary people. Although culminating with the atrocities of the Holocaust, these programs are equally good on the motives of otherwise perfectly normal people, who needed only the tacit encouragement of the regime to perpetrate horrors against their enemies, their neighbors, or their own family.

When confronted with evidence of their Nazi past, elderly former party members are often unable to find any other justification for their actions than simply that they could get away with it. Far from being a monolithic dictatorship which compelled the citizenry to act in rigidly prescribed ways, the Nazi state just allowed people to give their worst inclinations free reign.

"Those who cannot learn from history, are doomed to repeat it." -George Santayana
This famous National Geographic Special documents the discovery and the very first underwater exploration of the Wreck of the Titanic, more than 20 years ago.

I still remember watching this documentary as a child and can honestly say that it is a must see for all those interested in the history of the famous Titanic.
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